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Satellite dish thefts get poor reception

Some Lawrence County families have found their television satellite dish service interrupted - by thieves.

Lawrence County Sheriff Tim Sexton said his office has received at least three complaints within the last week from families whose satellite dishes have been stolen from their property. The most recent theft occurred Tuesday on State Route 141, 5 miles from Ironton.

One report indicated that a family was actually watching television when their service was interrupted by the dish bandits.

"We do not think the thieves are targeting dishes for their own use but also they are selling or attempting to sell the satellite dishes," Sexton said. "The unknown subjects are cutting wires, then they have to carry the dishes and place them in a vehicle and flee the area.

Sexton said he hopes someone may have information that will lead to the arrest of those responsible.

"We encourage the public, if they see suspicious activity, to provide a description of the vehicle, description of the people, a license number with state and the direction of travel," Sexton said.

If anyone has seen people in the vicinity of private satellite dishes, they are urged to contact the sheriff's office at (740) 532-3525.