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Old man winter makes unexpected return

More than a month after spring's official start, winter is coming back to Lawrence County for a visit.

Snow is forecast for much of the state with as much as 1 foot expected in parts of northern Ohio and up to 8 inches for eastern Ohio before the storm finishes on Monday, forecasters said Saturday.

Temperatures will be well below normal with a freeze warning posted into Sunday morning for much of Ohio and winds gusting to 35 mph.

The forecast for the Lawrence County area is a bit less severe, with around an inch of wet snow predicted. Spring began on March 20.

Lawrence County has a strong low-pressure system that's moving through the area to thank for the oddity. The same counter-clockwise system is bringing down very cold air from Lake Huron and northeastern Canada into the Ohio Valley.

Though our region may not catch the brunt of the snow, it could still wreak havoc on gardeners who have used the recent run of dry, warm weather to plant flowers and trees.

Debbie Hatcher, owner of Hatcher's Greenhouse in South Point, said that the key to preserving those delicate plants through the possible frost is covering them.

"They need to cover them. They can use either sheets or paper, but if they use plastic and it were to frost they need to get the plastic off before the sun pops up," she said. "If they've already got stuff planted, they can take containers and put them over the plants, and if they've put some stuff in planters they can just bring it in."