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Who would pay what under proposed stormwater fee?

Legal NameTotal Bill Per MonthBill Per Year

First Church of the Nazarene $151.32$1,815.84

Storage Units on Clinton$162.96$1,955.52

Storage Units on Ellison$140.26$1,683.12

Advance Auto Parts$141.14$1,693.68

AEP Laydown Yard $158.60$1,903.20

AEP on Jefferson$154.23$1,850.76

AEP Third Street $240.08$2,880.96

Allyn's Jewelers, Inc.$27.65$331.80



Apartments on Vernon$27.65$331.80

Apostolic Church $66.93$803.16

Area around Rich Oil$193.52$2,322.24


Ashland Oil office $97.49$1,169.88

Auger Inn$21.83$261.96

AutoZone Car Parts$139.68$1,676.16

B.C. Tool Rental$288.09$3,457.08

Bank S. Third$117.86$1,414.32

Former River Valley Hospital$794.43$9,533.16

Bentley's Pharmacy$136.77$1,641.24

Block, Jeff.to Madison$139.68$1,676.16

Block, Center to Railroad$673.67$8,084.04

Block, Center to Park Ave.$456.87$5,482.44

Block, Park Ave. to Alley$190.61$2,287.32

Alley from 4th to 5th$160.05$1,920.60

Bobby Bear $145.50$1,746.00

Center to Gold Alley $77.12$925.44

Center to Park, 5th to 6th$261.90$3,142.80

Park to Vernon, 3rd to 4th$436.50$5,238.00

Railroad to Center, 4th to 5th$382.67$4,592.04

Blue Building across tracks$1,278.95$15,347.40

Bob Linn Sporting Goods$88.76$1,065.12

BP Station on 9th Street$114.95$1,379.40

Bryant Nursing Home$173.15$2,077.80

Buckeye Monument $84.39$1,012.68

Building, 4th and Wash.$55.29$663.48

Building, Elm and 2nd St.$49.47$593.64

Building, Union amd 2nd St.$123.68$1,484.16

Building on 2nd $113.49$1,361.88

C & S Gun shop$53.84$646.08

CAO Building $37.83$453.96

Car Lot Chestnut & 3rd$48.02$576.24

Car Lot, 9th & Park$53.84$646.08

Car Lot, Park Ave. & 4th$27.65$331.80

Car Lot, Monroe to Quincy$178.97$2,147.64

Car Lot from 2nd to 3rd$84.39$1,012.68

Car Lot from 3rd $135.32$1,623.84

Car Lot Quincy & 2nd$59.66$715.92

Car Wash 2nd & Jefferson$42.20$506.40

Car Wash 3rd & Heplar $34.92$419.04

Car Wash on Park Ave.$55.29$663.48

Carey Tires$58.20$698.40

Carquest Auto Parts$32.01$384.12

Central Christian Church$497.61$5,971.32

Chiropractic on Park Ave.$52.38$628.56


Church 10th & Spruce$53.84$646.08

Church 4th & Vernon$101.85$1,222.20

Church 4th and Mulberry$53.84$646.08

Church 6th & Center St.$139.68$1,676.16

Church Center & 5th $59.66$715.92

Church, Railroad & 5th St$53.84$646.08

Church, Center & S. 6th $43.65$523.80

Church, Ellison & 4th Street$29.10$349.20

Church on Elm Street$91.67$1,100.04

Classic Bank $126.59$1,519.08

Collins Law Office $14.55$174.60

Columbia Gas $151.32$1,815.84

Property, Maple & alley$14.55$174.60

Cooke's Farm Center$120.77$1,449.24

County Garage$219.71$2,636.52


CVS Pharmacy$206.61$2,479.32

Dairy Bar S. 3rd$55.29$663.48



Dr Davis Dentistry Office$29.10$349.20

Drive Thru & Carey Out $56.75$681.00

Eagles $373.94$4,487.28


End Zone Pizza$84.39$1,012.68

Exhaust shop$36.38$436.56

Eye Exam on 6th & Vernon$32.01$384.12

Firstar bank and drive thru$120.77$1,449.24

Fitness Center$180.42$2,165.04

Fitness Center 2nd & RR$93.12$1,117.44

Gas Station Delaware$43.65$523.80

Gas Station S. 3rd & Vine$52.38$628.56

Gas Station on Park $164.42$1,973.04

Guy's Floor Coverings$37.83$453.96


Harmon Motor Sales$174.60$2,095.20

Head Start School$197.88$2,374.56

High Rise Apartments$197.88$2,374.56

Honeywell GDA site$136.77$1,641.24

Honeywell Water filtration $410.31$4,923.72

Housing, Adams to Madison $299.73$3,596.76

Housing, Center St. & 9th $49.47$593.64

Housing, Madison to Quincy $299.73$3,596.76

Housing, Wash. to Adams $87.30$1,047.60

Housing on 2nd to 4th $276.45$3,317.40

Housing on 5th $82.94$995.28

Integrity Motor Vehicles$135.32$1,623.84

Iron City Hardware $34.92$419.04

Ironton Auto Sales $27.65$331.80

Ironton Chiropractic$30.56$366.72

Ironton High School$1,015.59$12,187.08

Ironton Hills Shopping $3,410.52$40,926.24

Ironton Iron$3,171.90$38,062.80

Ironton Machine Shop$80.03$960.36

Ironton Steel$352.11$4,225.32

Ironton Tribune$196.43$2,357.16

Joe Lynn's Rest home$532.53$6,390.36

Kentucky Fried Chicken$110.58$1,326.96

Kingsbury School$145.50$1,746.00

Knights of Columbus$91.67$1,100.04

Lawrence Federal Bank$101.85$1,222.20

Lawrence Federal Drive Thru$58.20$698.40

Lawyers office $43.65$523.80

Lease Space 3rd St$82.94$995.28



Little Caesars Pizza$50.93$611.16

Long John Silvers$94.58$1,134.96

Lube change, 6th & Vernon$17.46$209.52

MC Bolt & Plate$190.61$2,287.32


Meehan Steel$403.04$4,836.48

Moose $120.77$1,449.24

Mulberry & 3rd$56.75$681.00

Muth Lumber Company, Inc.$2,328.00$27,936.00

N&S Railroad$5,805.45$69,665.40

New Jerusalem Church$43.65$523.80

OU Southern $1,708.17$20,498.04

OUS Campus & Community $56.75$681.00


Ohio River Bank$151.32$1,815.84

Old Kroger's building$442.32$5,307.84

Old Ohio Bell Building$90.21$1,082.52

Old Social Security Building $82.94$995.28

Old Tiger Metals$133.86$1,606.32

Old Tipton's Building $317.19$3,806.28

Old Wilson Building$293.91$3,526.92

Open Door School$117.86$1,414.32

Park Apt., Tim's News$141.14$1,693.68

Peddlers Restaurant$90.21$1,082.52

Post Office$183.33$2,199.96

Printing Express$49.47$593.64

Produce Stand $23.28$279.36

Quincy, Chest. 3rd to 2nd$186.24$2,234.88

Quincy, Chest. to 3 1/2 alley$296.82$3,561.84

R & R Roofing $90.21$1,082.52


Recycling center $161.51$1,938.12

Rent – A – Center$112.04$1,344.48

Rich Oil 3rd & Lorain$53.84$646.08

Rich Oil Quincy & 3rd$84.39$1,012.68

Rite Aid Pharmacy$232.80$2,793.60

Roberts Greenhouse$55.29$663.48

Ro-Na Cinema$55.29$663.48

S & S Drive Thru Carry Out$27.65$331.80

School on Delaware St.$555.81$6,669.72

School on Elm Street$170.24$2,042.88

Service Garage $26.19$314.28

Shamrock Carryout$34.92$419.04

Sharon Baptist Church $88.76$1,065.12

Sherman Williams, Video Store,

Glass Shop, Play By Play$106.22$1,274.64

Social Security Building $135.32$1,623.84


Spare Time$465.60$5,587.20

Spriggs Distributing$160.05$1,920.60

St. Joseph Church$101.85$1,222.20

St. Joseph School$155.69$1,868.28

St. Lawrence School$132.41$1,588.92

Sta-Tan Swimming Pool$429.23$5,150.76

Storage on the Spot$71.30$855.60

Storage Units Pine St. $43.65$523.80

Strip Mall 2nd & Center St.$404.49$4,853.88

Unger's Shoes$14.55$174.60

Vehozah's Witnesses $75.66$907.92


Welfare Office$222.62$2,671.44

Whitwell School $162.96$1,955.52

Wood's Eye Exam$21.83$261.96

Youth home$69.84$838.08

Total = $46,649.72$559,796.64