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Campbell Drive links Ironton with county

It's still Ironton - but it's almost Hecla.

Either way, folks on Campbell Drive, err, State Route 141, say it's a nice place to live.

"I've lived here all my life," Kenna Noble said as she watched her boyfriend, David Lewis, pull tree limbs down to the ground Saturday afternoon.

"I guess I like it," she said as she laughed.

The old tree is being torn out to make way for a new outbuilding. There is more construction taking place at the house.

"We're putting in a new kitchen," Noble said, gesturing toward the addition that is starting to take shape.

Noble and Lewis grew up in the area and today are surrounded by relatives and friends. In fact, one family member honked as they passed by on Campbell Drive. Noble

threw up a hand to wave.

The traffic on Campbell Drive is steady. Cars whiz by at a nippy speed, which is just what one would expect to find in the city. But what is that noise you hear in between the hum of vehicle engines?

"Those are guineas," Noble said. The neighbor across the road keeps a little bit of country in his part of town. Out behind those houses are woodlands, where city, apparently, meets the country.