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Candy Lane not so sweet for some Chesy residents

CHESAPEAKE -Residents are calling a road problem on Candy Lane more than an inconvenience and have said they have had enough.

Candy Lane is located in Chesapeake off Rockwood Avenue. What apparently started out as a slip has led to the road caving in and becoming impassable to motorists.

Residents are forced to take a detour just to get into town, which used to be accessible by driving right through the closed area.

"It's never been fixed," said resident Dawn Houston.

According to Houston and her husband Eddie, the road has been in bad shape for years. They said that the village fixed it once, but it fell apart again and they have been filling it with gravel and clumps of dirt ever since.

Residents are also concerned for their safety. Due to the road closure, fire trucks, police cars and ambulances can't get through and have to go around. Some say, that in the case of an emergency - every second counts.

"That's the thing we have to worry about," said resident Rosemary Mathews whose 91-year-old mother lives with her.

"There's no fire hydrant back here. What if we have a fire or an illness and need emergency services?"

Mathews and other residents agree it is also a bad time with the high gas rates because taking a detour costs more money.

Mayor Jimmy Justice said that he wants, "to get it fixed and get it fixed right."

Justice said two slips on Rockwood Avenue are also going to be repaired.

The village has applied for a grant to get the road fixed. According to village clerk-treasurer Peggy Houston, the village has to pay 10 percent of the estimate to get the road repaired, that will be made in semi-annual payments. The village council approved the payment at the last council meeting.

"We're waiting now to see if our application is approved or rejected, then we'll have to go from there," Houston said.

For now it will be a waiting game for residents who are still taking a detour, just to get home in the evening.