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Cleanup projects show some people really care

Maybe we sound like a broken record but the tune just never gets old: We must keep our county clean!

Appearances and first impressions can be everything. Each and every Lawrence County resident, visitor or just passerby must do his or her part to protect the region's rich natural beauty that many hold dear.

Some residents continue to lead by example and we couldn't be more proud of these grassroots efforts to take pride and make our community a better place to work and live.

Recently, eastern Lawrence County residents Billie Smith and Taunya Wilson had an epiphany - the county was dirty and it was time to fix it. The two women took the initiative that has resulted in Operation TLC (Tidy-up Lawrence County). The fledgling civic organization took out more than 150 bags of trash in its inaugural event and is now setting the bar even higher with more activities planned.

In Windsor Township, the residents and trustees are ready to take the fight to the people causing the problems. After years of constant battles, the trustees were running out of options to deter people from ditching old tires and other trash.

So, the trustees forked over the money need for "No dumping allowed" signs so that when perpetrators are caught, the prosecutor will have some legal teeth to make the $500 fine stick.

Recently, the Concerned Citizens of Burlington sponsored its annual cleanup and nearly 50 volunteers combed the banks of the mighty Ohio during River Sweep 2005.

Efforts such as these, and individuals who care, can be seen across our beautiful county. From the rolling hills of Decatur to the streets of Ironton to the lawns of Rome, Lawrence Countians should be unified in their passion for keeping our home livable.

But, this is only the beginning. Each and every one us must ask ourselves a simple question: What have we done to make our community a better place to live?

If you struggle to find the answer, it doesn't make you a bad person. It simply drives home the point that there is never as good a time to start making a difference as right now.

We all must do our part to cleanup trash, not litter, beautify our property and take pride in where we live.

If we do, we believe that the community will like the tune some are already singing.