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Family Fun Days to live up to name

COAL GROVE - Entertainment, food, rides and fireworks, what more could a person ask for?

The 29th annual Coal Grove Family Fun Days will kick-off at 4 p.m. Friday at Paul Porter Park offering more to festival goers.

"It (Family Fun Days) has expanded, of course, it grows every year," said Carol Gool, secretary of the Coal Grove Betterment Club, the civic organization that sponsors the event.

Gool said there are more booths this year, and the Sunday entertainment will begin at 1 p.m. instead of 4 p.m. as usual.

One new idea this year comes in the form of food -Tacos in a Sack.

Gool said the idea came from a fellow club member.

"You take a bag of Fritos, crush them and add meat, lettuce, sour cream and whatever else," she said.

Of course, the best is saved for last - the fireworks.

Coal Grove Mayor Larry McDaniel said the community comes out for to participate in the celebration, but people seem to especially join in for the fireworks.

Family Fun Days begins at 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 1 p.m. Sunday and will end at 10 p.m. all three days.

"It's just a good, clean, fun atmosphere," McDaniel said. "It's family friendly."


4 p.m. Opening Ceremonies


p.m. Cloggers


p.m. Katie Owens

8 p.m.

Lee McCormack


4 p.m. Steve Shelton

6 p.m. Auction of homemade baked goods

7 p.m.Kelley Greco

8 p.m.Brandon DePriest


1 p.m.Katie Owens

1:30 p.m. Kellie Kearns

2 p.m.Sweet Sounds of Sugar Creek

2:30Jeff Carman

3 p.m.Good News Quartet

3:30 p.m.Debbie & Aaron Fields

4 p.m.Wally Christian

4:30 p.m.Shawn McDaniel

5 p.m.For His Grace

5:30 p.m.Danny Wilson

6 p.m.Ed Clay

6:30 p.m.Praise Team from Memorial Methodist Church

7 p.m.Jean Bowman

7:30John Smith

8 p.m.Craig Haney

10 p.m.Fireworks