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Bentley#039;s hires robot #045; sort of

It counts, fills and labels, what more could a pharmacist want?

Bentley's Rxpress Pharmacy recently made a $200,000 investment to its store, the SP 200 Robotic Prescription Dispensing System, an automated machine that fills prescriptions with more accuracy and timeliness.

"It's really more accurate than humans because numbers never lie," Dr. Dan Bentley, the pharmacy's owner, said.

After a prescription is entered into the pharmacy's computer, a robotic arm takes a vial to the specific drug.

The pills are dropped into the vial while being counted by a laser.

Once filled, the bottle is labeled inside the machine then sent out to the pharmacist who checks the pills against an image on a computer. Bar code scanning throughout the whole process also ensures accuracy.

The machine can hold up to 200 different medications, and Bentley said it should complete 60 percent of the pharmacy's prescriptions.

"It keeps us caught up and handles more volume," he said.

Bentley said, with the Baby Boomers growing older, the amount of prescriptions to be filled will increase so this will help the pharmacy better serve customers.

The SP 200 Robotic Prescription Dispensing System is a product of ScriptPro.