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How do you spend your July 4th?

Exactly 229 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed granting the United States of America freedom from England's rule, people still have freedom on the mind.

"It's Independence Day," Charles Whitlock of Ashland, Ky., said about the meaning of the July 4th holiday. "Having traveled all over the world, this is the best country in the world. Independence Day means we have to support the country and keep it safe."

With many sons and daughter, brothers and sisters, and mothers and fathers fighting to keep this county safe, Kay Davidson said she is thankful her brother made it home safe from Iraq.

"After having a family member in the war, it really gives a new meaning to freedom," the Coal Grove resident said. "We still have our freedom to work and go along with our daily life."

Traditionally, the weekend is also spent with family at cookouts. That is how Amber Littlejohn said she will celebrating in Pedro.

"It's a time for family," Littlejohn said. "It's a family tradition to spend it together."

Even with her new-found meaning of freedom, Davidson said she is still ready for the celebrations that come with the weekend.

"I'm looking forward to boating, fireworks and picnics," she said.

However people view the Fourth of July, and however they choose to spend it, the day is upon us for the 229th year.