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Nobles pass on family business to third generation

Dean Noble began an Allstate Insurance office 37 years ago, now he's passing along the family business to a third generation.

Having made his beginnings in the Sears catalog center in Ironton, Dean Noble was approached in 1968 with an advancement opportunity.

But even he could not have realized the opportunity was one that would span 37 years and three generations.

"I feel by taking care of the people, the people have made us what we are," Dean Noble said.

He said it is particularly the staff that has kept the agency together.

"When in this business, you don't keep people 35 years and we're proud we have," Dean Noble said. "We feel we have been a helpful service to the people. We've continued through two (generations) andŠ"

"And junior can do this too," Brian Noble finished.

Brian Noble joined his father's agency in the late 1980s.

"I'd seen the success of my father and wanted to be a professional in the community and wanted to protect people," he said. "I realized the opportunity to expand the family business."

Brian Noble did expand. He added two locations, one in New Boston and one in Wilmington, creating the Noble Group.

"My son has increased the business and we anticipate Ryan will do the same," Dean Noble said.

Joining the family business with pride, keeping the tradition is what the third generation of Nobles plans to do.

"I felt proud and wanted to keep the tradition going," Ryan Noble said.

Ryan Noble said he will not let his grandfather's and father's accomplishments slip away so he wants to continue the family ties, perhaps into future generations.

"It will go on to a fourth," Ryan Noble said.

"We're families insuring families," Brian Noble said.