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Lord shows singer time to move on with music ministry

Sadly, a wonderful era has come to an end. It is with great regret that I have to announce to the wonderful supporters of the Crucified with Christ Quartet of Ironton that, due to a diagnosis of a spinal condition in early 2004, that I have tendered my resignation from the group.

Through the message inspired by the Lord as preached by pastor Pat Burnett of Lick Creek Independent Church of Sheridan, where our quartet had just ministered in song, I received my answer concerning my solo ministry.

My Lord revealed to me that it was time to step down from Crucified with Christ.

I submitted it later, after that worship service that first Sunday night in April.

It's with sadness, yet with much anticipation of what the Lord has in store for me, that I must leave the group.

My tenure ended with a final concert at Vanceburg Christian Baptist Church in Vanceburg, Ky., on the last Sunday in June.

Christians, please continue to pray for Crucified with Christ as they seek the Lord's will and continue to audition for my replacement. Anyone interested, can call (740) 532-0928.

We have rejoiced many times as we've seen hundreds saved and Christians blessed and also restored in their relationship with Jesus.

I want to express my sincere thanks and deepest appreciation to the members: Jack and Sue Dennin, Steve and Sharon Dolin, Jerry Massie Jr. and Jerry Sr., former members Gary and Mary Ellen Nichols for their dedication and hard work and sacrifices through the infancy of the group and to the present.

May God continue to bless you.

I say thanks to all supporters of Crucified with Christ and also to those who've been there for me during my health battles.

Please continue to pray for my wife of 27 years, Pennie, as she has health issues, and also has to put up with me.

Pray for me and with me for I have severe stenosis of the spine and foraminal stenosis. Severe pain and numbness continues in my back and legs. My spinal column is rubbing the cord and the nerves into my hips and is rubbing bulging discs, Brother David Coburn, my physical therapist, continues to treat me as we attempt to avoid surgery.

With the Lord's touch and His providing a ministry helper for me, after more therapy and a short break from singing, I will continue with my solo ministry, with a limited amount of engagements.

I am celebrating 30 years in song ministry for my Jesus.

I hope each of you will join me in this.See you in Heaven.

All in Christ's name.

Tony Dilley is founder of Tony Dilley Christian Music Ministry, 110 Private Drive 107, Ironton, Ohio 45638. He can be reached at (740) 532-5128.