Christy, Thompson, Bretz win divisions at Rocky Top Raceway

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 29, 2005

COAL GROVE - Big paydays are ahead at Rocky Top Raceway.

RTR will run the Accent Health Care Twin 30s on Friday, Aug. 5, which features a 30-lap modified race with $1,500 to win and a 30-lap limited late model race with $800 to win.

The bomber division will also run with $500 to win along with a regular show for the late model division.

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Last Friday, the first two attempted starts in the late model A-main went bad as Aaron Moss and Carl Jobe had problems. Into the turn on the third attempted start, Kenny Christy got to the inside of Josh McGuire and took the lead coming out of turn four to lead lap one.

McGuire settled a couple car lengths behind Christy while "Fast" Freddie Carpenter was right on McGuire's tail in third. Two of the early movers in the race were Joe Ramey and Randy Boggs as they moved into the top six battling with Kevin Wagner for fourth.

On lap seven, things got interesting again as McGuire went side by side for the lead with Christy.

McGuire, running the high side, cleared Christy on lap nine as the caution flag waved. On the restart, Christy went side by side with McGuire as they again battled for the lead.

For the next 10 laps, the two swapped positions. With those two battling, Carpenter and Wagner battled for third. With the two still battling side by side, Christy finally cleared McGuire to get the lead on lap 20. On lap 22, with Christy leading and McGuire still right behind them, a hard crash occurred on the backstretch for Rick Christian, who was running in the top 10. Christian was not injured.

It was now a three-lap dash to the finish. On the restart, Christy drifted up high and allowed McGuire and Carpenter to get right beside him as they went three wide for the lead. Coming off of the fourth turn, Christy remained in the lead.

McGuire, now running side by side with Boggs for second, drifted high and hit the wall in turns three and four on and the next lap and allowed several cars to get by him. Nobody had anything for Christy in the final two laps though as he took his fifth win of the season at Rocky Top .

Boggs was second, Wagner in third, Ramey fourth and Audie Swartz in fifth. McGuire won the dash while Ramey and Boggs won heat races.

The start of the Modified A-Main got ugly as coming to complete the first lap, Fireball Pinkerton flipped over on the front stretch. Good cars such as Jeff Meadows, Randy Boggs, and Dave Kelley were involved. Pinkerton was unhurt.

On the restart, Eddie Harmon led the pack while Greg Thompson and Todd Robinson went side by side for second. On lap three, the caution flag flew again as Tony Sites, running in the top five, spun out. The next lap, a tough break occurred for Tim Moore as he incurred problems.

On the restart, Harmon led over Robinson who was a close second. Meanwhile, Brock Chaney, Roger Wireman and David Fitzpatrick were big movers in the race as they charged into the top five where they battled.

Now on lap eight, Robinson, running high, went side by side with Harmon. The two continued battling, practically leaning on each other until coming out of turn four, they made contact going down the front stretch. With the contact slowing the two down, Thompson, running in third, went by both drivers to take the lead. The next lap, the caution flew as Harmon had problems and retired from the race.

With the 40-minute time limit out, it was a green-white-checkered to decide the race. On the restart, nobody had anything for Thompson as he took his first ever win at Rocky Top over Robinson.

Chaney was third, Wireman fourth and Fitzpatrick fifth. Thompson won the dash race while Tim Moore and Chaney won heat races .

In the Bomber A-Main, Brett Carey and Jeremie Bretz battled for the lead at the start. The two continued a fierce battle, driving inches apart for the next five laps. Finally, on lap five, Bretz cleared Carey to take the lead as the caution flew. On the restart, Bretz continued with the lead as the battle for fifth went between James Johnson and Zack Dunn.

With Bretz leading on lap 12, Conard Newman caught Carey in second place and they went side by side. Newman cleared Carey coming to the white flag but didn't have anything for Bretz as he took his fifth win of the season at Rocky Top with Newman in second.

Carey was third, Benji Dean fourth and Dunn in fifth. Carey and Dean won heat races while Dean won the Non-Winners race.