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Dawson-Bryant students return after delay

COAL GROVE - After an extra week of summer vacation, students at Dawson-Bryant High School returned on Friday to begin another school year.

Classes in the district were delayed one week as construction projects that included changing the heating and air systems, replacing roofs and installing a security system were being completed.

"The construction is going well," Dawson-Bryant High School Principal Steve Easterling said. "They're still doing some minor things which they will be finishing up after school next week."

Easterling said that Superintendent Jim Payne had worked with the state facilities commission so that no taxpayer money was used for the improvements on the school.

"Dr. Payne has always been good to work with and try to help the schools," Easterling said.

As buckets of rain poured across Lawrence County Friday, Easterling smiled, saying the rain had not helped a whole lot, but that the first day back was going well.

Both teachers and students had been very cooperative, Easterling said, calling the day a normal school opening.

Easterling also said the construction workers had been very cooperative and understanding of the staff.

"Hopefully, in a few days, we'll have everything back to normal," he said.

Senior Katie Collins said that being back to school was pretty exciting. Collins said that she didn't realize all the people that she didn't get to see during the summer.

Collins had a very busy schedule during the extra week since she worked for three days, had volleyball and cheerleading practice and went school shopping.

Collins said she was prepared to return to school on Aug. 19, but having the extra week was a treat.

"It was nice to have an extra week," she said.