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Neighbors play ball to pass time

CHESAPEAKE - Here comes the pitch - and it's over the fence!

That was the name of the game Sunday afternoon as three boys played a game of baseball in their front yard along Big Branch Road

in Chesapeake, the bullseye for The Dart this week.

"There's only one time I hit it over the fence," 7-year-old Brad Meadows said.

One after another the pitches came, as the boys sent the ball flying over the marker. Nine-year-old Chad Meadows and his neighbor Roger Hoback, 12, were playing a game of baseball with Meadows' brother Brad - who usually had the job of retrieving the ball.

"We're just playing," Chad Meadows said. "My brother wanted to hit the ball. He wanted to play homerun derby."

Although they all seemed to be old pros at baseball, the three youth admitted that football was their favorite thing to play and that they didn't really play baseball that much. The youth also said they enjoyed basketball and fishing.

"Our favorite thing to play is football. We play it most of the time with our dad," Brad Meadows said.

Hoback said playing some type of sport or video game is usually what they do on Sunday afternoon, but today they opted for baseball.

"I wanted to, especially because we got bored inside playing video games," Brad Meadows said.

As the youth continued taking turns at bat, they were laughing and said they were having a great time just playing around.

The balls continued to fly up in the air, and over the fence, sometimes getting close to the roof of the Meadows' home.

And then it happened. The ball flew up, onto the roof and into the gutter.

Oftentimes this would mean that the game was over, but not today.

Chad Meadows, with a little help from mom, got a ladder, climbed up and retrieved the ball.

And then it was back to the game.

The game came to an end as Hoback had to return home, but the youth got in a few good hits before it was time to call it quits.

It was one of the last lazy afternoons of summer and the boys tried to enjoy it to the fullest.

"We like sports," Brad Meadows said as he and his brother Chad relaxed on the front porch.

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