New pharmacy to open in Coal Grove

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jason Plummer may have plenty of training and experience doling out medication as a pharmacist, but he says his real specialty is dealing with people.

He’ll be bringing those talents to his forthcoming business, the Coal Grove Pharmacy, which will open it’s doors on July 31 at 600 Marion Pike.

Although he lives in Ashland, Ky., Plummer is no stranger to the area, having studied to be a pharmacist at Ohio University, as well as obtaining training in nuclear pharmacy and diabetes care.

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Currently, Plummer the director of another pharmacy, but thought that the Coal Grove locale would be the perfect opportunity for him to set out on his own.

“It’s an area that has a need and is growing,” Plummer said. “And the mayor and city councilmen were very receptive. They made it easy for a business coming in, so that’s what led me down that road.”

Aside from his pharmacy (which will include a drive-thru window) the shop will offer high-end gifts, Fenton Art Glass and a section of items for one dollar.

Plummer said that it’s providing his customers with a personal touch is what has interested him in pharmacology for so many years.

“It’s the customers, just the satisfaction of helping somebody find a cheaper drug and a better drug in many cases than what they were on, maybe something that works a little bit better for them,” Plummer said. “That whole side of it is the best part.”

But, he says, aside from filling prescriptions, sometimes a pharmacist’s most important job is just providing a shoulder to cry on.

“You can maybe counsel them through a tough time, whenever they just got diagnosed with diabetes or something that’s going to be with them for their entire life,” Plummer said. “You kind of help them to understand it. Seeing them is probably the most satisfying part of it.”