Goat show winners

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 29, 2007

ROME TOWNSHIP— They can give milk, jump man-made ponds and even wear a plaid dress on an angel costume with their own kind of style.

Dairy and pack goats were on display— and in competition— Thursday at the Lawrence County Junior Fair. In the advanced pack animal competition, Kaitlyn Huddle took the top spot. Kayla Skaggs took the top spot in the first year pack goat competition, followed by Dustin Jackson in second place and Brianna Schneider in third.

Judge Pat Cornell, of Medina, said her primary interest was the relationship between goat and handler and how much the handler knows about goats in general.

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“I want to see how well the goat responds to the child’s commands, how comfortable they are with the obstacles,” she said. “It shows how much the child worked with them. It’s a combination of interview and obstacle course.”

In the senior showmanship competition, Kaitlyn Huddle placed first, with Kayla Skaggs and Amanda MacArthur finishing second and third, respectively. In the junior showmanship competition, Brianna Schneider took the top spot while Dustin Jackson placed second.

In the dairy kid competition, Kayla Skaggs took home the first place trophy; Amanda MacArthur and Sharon Mann rounded out the top three spots.

Kaitlyn Huddle won the dairy yearling competition while Sharon Mann won first place for dairy goat production. Mann’s goat won first place for overall dairy goat.

The dairy goat show ended on a whimsical note with a costume contest. MacArthur got top spot for dressing her goat as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

“I went shopping for a costume and we were going to do a cow but we couldn’t find a cow costume so we did the ninja turtle,” she explained. “But this works because he likes to run and jump and kick.”