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Ironton in Bloom needs support from businesses, citizens

Ironton in Bloom, Inc. is made up of a large, diverse group of civic and business leaders who have been working since August on plans to make Ironton bloom by Memorial Day and on into the future.

Led by Co-Chairs Carol Allen and Randy Lilly, the group has walked the town, visited other flower-bedecked cities for advice, and associated themselves with the national America In Bloom Association.

On faith, Ironton In Bloom has already ordered 30 sturdy large pots, and 100 pole planters to decorate the downtown area and the main entrances to the city with live blooms. (You have probably seen these double-hung decorative steel-girded pots lined with moss and overhung with petunias in other towns.)

We now must raise the funds to pay for this beautification project. We have no funding source except the good will of our citizens. We are asking that businesses and civic organizations take the lead in financing this project, and that all citizens contribute as much as possible, since it will benefit all.

Prices are as follows:

4Large, 36-inch round pot: $350

4Double-hung pole planter (to be installed on decorative poles already in place): $200

4Single hanging basket: $100

However, contributions of any kind from individuals are appreciated.

This price includes flowers that have been professionally selected for their hardiness and suitability, as well as planting and all-summer watering and maintenance by local greenhouse personnel. A contract for this planting and maintenance is already in place. If funds allow, pansies will be placed in pots in the fall to extend the blooming season.

To help you make your choice, the different containers are on display in a show window at 113 South Third St. and a flower-filled large pot can be seen in the Ironton City Center.

To make our vision a reality, we have set a goal of $40,000. Containers are a major expense this first year. In the future, just replanting and maintenance will be our major concern.

We have already received some generous donations and pledges from local businesses, groups, and private citizens. But it will take many people working together to make this happen.

America In Bloom representatives will visit mid-summer to judge our work in a nationwide competition.

Let’s show them what Ironton can do! Can we count on you?