When it comes to creating change, Obama is the answer

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 28, 2008

We are on a campaign for Sen. Obama’s Change, hopefully from our county, to our state and on to Washington, D.C.

We cannot be pulled into an established machine. The status quo throughout our state has to be taking the Fired Ready and Go campaign more seriously than the Clinton Machine and their old school circle did initially.

We should not be pulled or pressured into fearing change. This candidate is far from inexperienced. Look at the operation of his multi-million dollar operation and the endorsements he has thus far received.

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Obama’s supporters are a force to be reckoned with in this historical era.

Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain can’t touch them or change their minds. Regarding Sen. Mc Cain, the new generation will respect him but not be so awed by his experiences to be pulled into the same ole thinking and doing things as the Bush- Cheney.

I think McCain is accustomed to being awed very much like President Clinton and the reporters have written to their quick tempers when their thinking is challenged. Supporters of Sen. Obama

have and will continue to frustrate them. His campaign is based on challenging things to change in Washington.

People, we have all whined about nothing being done in Washington. Here is the time to make a difference by voting for change and voting for Sen. Obama. He will do as all other presidents and surround himself with excellent Cabinet members. He has talked with General Powell. However, he has not endorsed anyone at this time, but he did speak highly of this senator.

As we have noted Sen. Obama can unite and bring forth a new generation of American changers.

Vote on March 4 and mark change.

Dawnita Redd