Children#8217;s Services levy should be defeated

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 3, 2008

Your editorial stated that you hope the voters would focus on what their dollars would be used for and hoped voters would weigh it on its own merits rather than focusing on other levies we already pay.

This would be fine if the voters were all property owners and all would be paying. You say it would cost $2.55 a month. Mr. Myers says it costs $42.50 per child per day so that would add up to $14,412.25 a year for one child.

What is this money spent on? If they are put in foster care they have a medical card, and maybe food stamps, so what else is that much money spent on?

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I wonder if people who are raising children today would like to have that much to spend on their children a day or a year. Some people don’t make that much in a year.

I bet the people who would be paying for this levy can’t afford to spend that much on their children.

Lawrence County doesn’t have the industries or jobs that other counties in the state have. This is the poor end of the state.

Why aren’t the abusers’ parents or other responsible for the abuse made accountable for the actions by making them pay for their treatment or foster care. Make them pay where it hurts the most, the pocketbook.

We all have to tighten our belts. The property owners are paying more taxes without the levies even with the tax break that the governor gave us. They still went up.

We just can’t keep paying, not with utilities, health care medicines, doctor bills and hospital bills. It has to end somewhere.