Clinton, Obama not worthy of presidency

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 3, 2008

Unfortunately, incredible as it may seem, for years, Democrat party loyalists and typical Democrat voters have been thought of and described as less educated working-class American citizens.

Recently this perception has been used to define among others Ohio Democrats targeted by Obama and Clinton. If you are a traditional, less educated, blue-collar, working class, dumb or dimwitted Democrat and determined to prove it, I hope you think to at least thank Obama and Clinton for your classification.

The harsh disparaging reality contained and communicated by this statement is that it represents utter disrespect for voters proven loyal to leaders and candidates of the Democrat party. In fact, I’ve heard the callus classification broadcast on national television as recently as Feb. 20, by CBS news correspondent Joel Brown.

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There are a lot of Democrats who need to realize as many others all ready have. No matter how many years or how hard they pull the lever to vote, the Democratic Party will never move any closer to their actual personal political position. In fact at this point, a traditional unified vote will only reinforce the ultraliberal democrat party leader’s conclusions regarding the intelligence, loyalty, intellectual and physical inability of habitual democrats to move legitimately to the right.

A move all ready made by many other snubbed, trivialized, former Democrats.

A phenomenon that has come to be described as the white flight of traditional Democrats that tend feel they have woke up on a donkey in a thoroughbred race.

My reason for ribbing some of our finest, well-intentioned and invaluable fellow citizens is primarily to bring attention to some very important, very troubling and very disrespectful behavior. Conduct I consider absolutely unbecoming of the office sought by people that expect to be placed in the position of President of the United States of America and commander and chief of our military forces.

Those among us that buy into Hillary’s ambiguous change from bad to worse or Obama’s strange new direction will sooner or later realize they have purchased with their vote, a new bottle of good old fashion snake oil (i.e. got played).

Garland Monceaux