Liberals will have to answer for abortion stance

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When it comes to abortion and other moral political issues, the time has come for all voters to decide if they are going to fish or cut bait.

I think how Democrats judiciously or imprudently, admittedly or not, support the party of abortion rights. I think how they should celebrate recently reaching the irreverent performance milestone of more than 45 million abortions.

This has to be a milestone all traditional Democrats are immensely proud of. Unless of course, they are not the intellectual dedicated Democrat they think they are.

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It is almost humorous how surprisingly often I meet dedicated Democrats who refuse to acknowledge that they have by their vote promoted that milestone.

If I were a Democrat recognizing this dreadful achievement and milestone by abortion rights legislation, I would organize an annual celebration with a parade to commemorate the occasion.

I would boldly proclaim my support, aid of and participation in the accomplishment with bumper stickers, T-shirts and live bands. I would also arrange to include in the gala event all the celebratory bells and whistles. Even tattoos may be appropriate.

I surely would not be hiding my face acting or pretending to be stupid or uninformed on the matter. I would not be quietly denying I didn’t know I directly promoted this historical abortion milestone.

Thanks again to Democrats, according to five liberals on the Supreme Court, Americans have and maintain the despicable right to participate in and promote the performance of sodomy as desired.

This particular specific Democrat political position is only one of many I personally admit I find more than just a little troubling and difficult to comprehend.

I also especially and particularly resent even the incorrigible political compulsory contemplation of such and or similar unconscionable deviant behavior.

I often think how for all my life I have worked deliberately to maintain the good graces of God and how I still fear finding my knees knocking come my judgment day.

I can’t apologize for recommending to those who have participated or contributed in any measure or fashion to one or all of more than 45 million abortions of His divine gifts that they may want to consider preparing their sacrilegious souls for their personal judgment day.

I offer this opinion primarily because no one gets out of this life alive and ignorance makes a dicey life preserver. I always pray God save us all.

Garland Monceaux Jr.