Obama not an acceptable presidential candidate

Published 11:13 am Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Your liberal readers are doing what they do best. Making personal attacks.

They have attacked Sen. John McCain on his school grades, age, and skin cancer.

What they won’t tell you about Sen. Barack Obama is that he was registered as a Muslim in a school in Indonesia in his early youth. He is for the slaughter of unborn babies. He voted no for establishing English as the official language for the U.S.

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He also supports Social Security for illegal immigrants. He voted against gun ownership. He is for socialized health care, which will put the government in charge of your medical care instead of your doctor. He supports homosexual civil unions.

He wants to raise capital gains tax, heritance tax, dividend tax, income tax, gasoline tax, retirement accounts tax, payroll tax and higher taxes on any home which is more than 2,400 square feet.

Obama describes small town people as bitter so therefore must cling to their guns and religion. Of course, liberals will most likely deny most of these statements, but they are easily verifiable.

There are many more undesirable facts about Obama which haven’t been brought to the attention of the public.

He doesn’t sound like an acceptable presidential candidate when these facts are revealed.

Vote McCain-Palin.