Change America or change Washington

Published 1:19 pm Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another glorious and wonderful day in Lawrence County, Ohio, where for all we have and work to realize, most give thanks.

Lawrence County, where most look forward to and welcome our area’s current and coming new services and technology in transportation, manufacturing, fuel production, food, medicine and those treasured related employment opportunities.

Lawrence County, where most of us look forward to and welcome our area’s current and coming new proposed medical facilities, the new schools planned and under construction, the current bridge repairs and future bridge project, the planned new steel mill, the new power plants, the new rail developments, the riverfront developments, the highway improvements, our bypass development, the planned new motel along with the other long- and short-term housing.

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Most of us in Lawrence County also look forward to and welcome all the new restaurants, planned park and city recreational projects, Proctorville and Ironton’s new power generating sewage and reclamation projects, all the new and continuing developments at South Point, Coal Grove, and Portsmouth in southern Ohio.

Many in our area have or will benefit from the extensive list of planned new and continuing projects all over the entire Tri-State area. While I could easily go on, you have to see where this is heading.

Through these so called hard times, failed policies, unnecessary wars against terror, and eight years of relentless unfounded attacks and bashing of President Bush, by our fair and balanced, doom and gloom, biased, left-wing media, our selfish, corrupt, political representatives in Washington, and their odd or stranger financial supporters, created with our money by Hollywood, we have finally arrived at the importance and truth about the choices and opportunities Americans will have in the upcoming presidential election.

Now here it is as simply and as clearly as I can say it. In a matter of days Americans will, by their vote, decide if we are going to change America, or if we are going to change Washington. Make no mistake, one or the other will be the result of this historic pivotal American presidential election.

We will not be able to pass the buck or blame for the outcome and results of our choice for president. Each of us is responsible for making sure our choice is not made for us by the media or others who hope to manipulate the November election outcome by circumventing and contaminating our democratic process.

If you are as smart as most around here obviously are, by now you know who is and has been promising you the bull and who can and will deliver us the beef. The wise among us know country must come before politics and will gladly sacrifice and resign every selfish conviction for the betterment of our country and safety of our citizens.

For many years I have hoped honesty would prevail in our nation’s capitol and because cleaning up Washington seems like a natural job for Vice President Sarah Palin. I plan to vote for President John McCain and I pray God says the same.

God Bless and save our America.