Obama-Biden will restore America’s integrity

Published 9:49 am Wednesday, September 24, 2008

America, the noble heart of compassion, which rivaled “Camelot,” in the glory days of “might for right,” has tarnished its luster through eight years of Republican/corporate rule.

Our preemptive invasion of Iraq and occupation, based on faulty doctored intelligence, is sold by an administration deep in the oil giants pockets. They have cast us carelessly in the role of aggressor.

They shamelessly smash an entire nation’s infrastructure. This brazen act of hostility has thrown the world into panic. All the pretentious words spoken, the patriotic messages of deceit, cannot cover up the fact that a deal has been made for Iraq’s oil.

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The human misery unleashed by this wrongful act of aggression has not only unhinged our economics, but has actually put our children in great peril of seeing endless war and world destruction.

This administration rattles its saber at Russia, Iran, Pakistan, China, North Korea, and the shadow kingdom of Islamic terrorism. We have thrown on the fire our past accomplishments of love, honor, pity, compassion, and the self sacrifice of all those who fought and died in wars long gone, for the freedom of the World to live in Peace.

We torture, we spy on our own people, we bomb women and children in their homes and call it collateral damage. We forget about the misery of our own people. We watch the poverty in other nations force children to eat mud, for they have nothing else.

Sad is the nation that has become the world’s most notorious supplier of arms. We speak peace, but sell war.

Will we together stop this insane course. John McCain supports the Bush policies. There is great insanity in pursuing the course of destruction over peace and prosperity.

A new direction is offered us by a leader who believes that we have an obligation together to work and plan for the world as it should be. Help restore the America that the world once believed in.

Vote for change Vote Obama-Biden.