Boo Boo to appear on Oprah

Published 11:10 am Thursday, September 25, 2008

RACELAND, Ky. — For the day at least Boo Boo is back in town. But pretty soon the world’s tiniest dog will be back on the celebrity circuit.

This afternoon the 4-inch tall long-coat Chihuahua, the dog that can make a coffee mug feel superior, will share her tale of fame with the queen of television herself, Oprah Winfrey.

Last week Boo Boo taped a segment of Oprah, which will be shown on WSAZ-TV at 4 p.m. today.

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Going along for the ride was Boo Boo’s side kick, aka owner, Lana Elswick of Raceland, who found the talk show host as agreeable as she appears on TV.

“She is wonderful,” Elswick said. “I have been on a lot of talk shows. She is one of the most down to earth people. She makes you feel so good. She had a stretch limo pick us up and we had a suite. I told her Boo Boo had to have bottled water. She sent Evian.”

Bottled water is just one of Boo Boo’s idiosyncrasies and Elswick knows them all. After all, she raised her from birth. One of a litter of four, the pup was so tiny Elswick’s veterinarian said the dog would not live.

“She was the size of my thumb,” Elswick said. “I fed her with an eye dropper.”

Under Elswick’s loving care, Boo Boo expanded to her full growth of one and a half pounds. But her claim to fame comes not from girth but from height. Or rather lack thereof.

At four inches Boo Boo is in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest dog in height. When that dimension made the rounds, local television stations came calling wanting to do interviews. After those films were posted on the Internet, the interest for the little one, who likes to take naps in a leopard skin bed, took off.

Now it’s almost non-stop interviews. There have been appearances on Regis and Kelly and the Today show.

“I’ve been overwhelmed,” Elswick said. “We have a big star in the Tri-State area.”

Now the big question, does Boo Boo really know how famous she is?

In one way, I think she does,” Elswick said. “If anybody whips out a camera, she will pose.”