Obama has lived his life with Christian values

Published 10:49 am Friday, October 10, 2008

It was shameful to see the recent letter attacking Barack Obama’s faith and values in The Tribune. Barack Obama is, and always has been, a Christian.

His deep Christian faith is what led him to turn down high-paying jobs after law school to help people in Chicago of all backgrounds who were struggling through layoffs and economic downturn. His campaign has been inclusive of all Americans from the beginning because he knows that we are our brother’s keeper.

The other people I have met volunteering for his campaign come from a range of backgrounds, but share one core commitment to rebuilding our great nation together.

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Unity, compassion, justice and equality — these are Christian values and values that Barack Obama has demonstrated not only during this campaign, but throughout his life. Obama has said that his faith in God is what has inspired his extraordinary faith in fellow Americans and the great possibilities of our nation.

He rightly knows that Americans must take responsibility for themselves and their families, but understands that no great nation looks away from its responsibility to feed a hungry child, care for a sick neighbor, or provide for a veteran returning from the battlefield.

As a Christian and strong Obama supporter, it is heartbreaking to see his life’s work mocked and diminished by a person so clearly uninformed about his background and values. We should be focused on choosing a president who can solve the tremendous challenges we face as a nation, and never let this political season devolve into a divisive and bitter battle that pits one neighbor against another.

I hope that other good people in this community will see those kinds of lies and personal attacks for what they are, and understand that divided we fail. Barack Obama is the only candidate for president who can bring Americans from every walk of life together, and deliver the change that has eluded our country for so long.