South Point center has Zumba classes

Published 11:06 am Wednesday, October 15, 2008

South Point – At community centers there’s always something going on – birthday parties, association meetings, even reunions. However, at the South Point Community Center two nights a week, you’ll hear the sounds of Latin rhythms and cha-cha’s reminding you of hot summer nights. It’s Zumba, the fitness craze sweeping America, and Lisa Rivers Irish can affirm it’s fitness that’s caught fire.

Irish, an official fitness instructor specializing in Zumba, has been leading the twice-weekly Zumba sessions at the Community Center in South Point. Zumba is an energetic combination of salsa, merengue and cha-cha dance steps delivered as a Latin- infused fitness experience.

Irish describes the Zumba sessions as body-toning classes, but more engaging. Other aerobics classes are based on eight- or 16-count moves, dependent on verbal cues from the instructor to the students. Zumba breaks the robotic mold with visual cueing. Irish says this allows her to face the participants and results in a more personal class experience.

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“You get to see your students – face-to-face. I really like to see them singing along.” Irish says.

Irish invites anyone of any fitness level to come to the class, so potential students can experience the moderate-to-high impact workout for themselves. Everyone, from beginners to aerobic veterans, can benefit from Zumba. “You can modify the movements for your individual fitness level. Everyone is having too much fun to notice if someone misses a step,” says Irish. Light comfortable clothes and dance, or cheer-type shoes are suggested.

In addition to certification as a Zumba Basics instructor, Irish also holds a Zumba Level II Certification. This certification expanded upon steps offered in the Basics course and makes the workout even more variable. Irish plans to acquire Zumba Gold certification as well, which enables students with limited range of motion or restricted mobility to “ditch the workout and join the party.”

Classes are held at the South Point Community Center, 404 Second St. West, each Monday and Thursday evening from 7-8 p.m. For more information contact Lisa Rivers Irish at (740) 414–4369 or email