Crawford’s rantings show he is stuck in nation’s past

Published 9:42 am Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A while back The Tribune asked the readers for ways to improve the paper. I’ve got two ideas:

One, eliminate the “Lawyer Mark” column. It’s the same re-run every week, and a waste of space. Why you bother to publish it is beyond me.

Two, drop Jim Crawford’s column. I can’t believe that the Tribune devotes almost a half page to the left-wing rantings of a man who’s stuck in the past. Mr. Crawford, it’s almost 2009 and your party controls the Congress and the White House.

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One would think you would be celebrating this instead of continuing to drag the Republican party through the mud in almost every column.

Your column is not journalism by any measure, nor is it thought-provoking or even interesting to read and should be dropped.