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Leaders should be ashamed of U.S. 52’s condition

As a resident of Kentucky I do not have the need to travel U.S. 52 in the Ironton area too often.

Thank goodness.

I do not know of a more disgraceful travesty of a road than this section. The poor condition and lack of care should be a major embarassment to area leaders. Your Congressman and senators should be embarassed because of the condition of this stretch of U.S. highway.

Not only is the actual road surface a source of shame, the obvious fact that even basic mowing has gone undone is pitiful. I would hope that someone cares enough to realize this paints a pitiful image to those traveling in your area.

I do not know how any political leaders could visit the region and not have total shame for their failure to secure funds to fix such a highly traveled roadway. Is there anyone over there holding your leaders accountable?

I realize we have faults on this side of the river too, but I dare say there is no U.S. highway in such an embarassing condition as U.S. 52. We hope for the success and revitalization of Ironton, but I doubt it will ever happen without a close look at this stretch of highway.

Again, I do not know how any leader could not feel total disgrace as they bump and jolt down this road.


Ashland, Ky.