Chesy TAG wins quiz competition

Published 9:48 am Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CHESAPEAKE — Know what city is the capital of Greece? The fifth grade talented and gifted students at Chesapeake Middle School did. And giving the answer of “Athens,” they were able to take the championship for this year’s 5th grade Quiz Bowl contest.

The competition that featured all the schools in the county came down to a tie between Chesapeake and Fairland. Then in a three-question tie-breaker, Chesapeake moved ahead, answering all three correctly.

Under the coaching of TAG teacher Terry Montgomery, the team was made up of Austin Hutchison, Ian Burns, Brad Meadows, Logan Stickler, Malakai Howard, Cailin Sexton, Logan McCloud, Kobe McWhorter, Wesley Stephens, Braden Ward, Savannah Newton, Connor Cauley, Mikayla Hannahs, Holli Arthur, Ben Myers and Eli Johnson.

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