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Arraignments, probation violators dominate court

Probation violations and arraignments were chief on the docket Wednesday in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court.

Shane F. Lemley, 35, of 1923 County Road 42, Proctorville, admitted he violated his community controlled sanctions, also known as probation, by failing to report to his probation officer as required.

“I apologize, yes sir,” Lemley told Judge Charles Cooper. At the request of the Adult Probation Agency, Cooper sentenced Lemley to the 19 days in jail he had already served and ordered him to continue probation.

Assistant Lawrence County Prosecutor Bob Anderson said Lemley does have a job, which is often unusual for someone on probation, but he should consider this one last chance before being sent to prison if he violates in the future.

His attorney, Michael Gleichauf, agreed Lemley does have a job and is also paying child support, has refrained from substance abuse and has “made huge strides toward becoming a productive citizen again.”

Zachary Miller, of 75 Township Road 1339, South Point, was sentenced to three years in prison after Cooper determined he had violated his probation by giving the Adult Probation Agency a false address and by using marijuana.

Authorities contended during Miller’s trial he had violated his probation twice before. Miller contended throughout his brief trial he made a mistake when he gave the wrong address to probation officers but the mistake was not intentional and he had not used marijuana in the days leading up to his last drug test and the chemicals present in his drug test were residue.

Also Wednesday, William D. Mollett II, 26, of Haverhill, was arraigned on one count of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Mollett pleaded not guilty through his attorney, David Reid Dillon. Cooper allowed bond set in a lower court to continue and scheduled a pretrial conference for March 18.

Richard W. Young, 25, of 16132 State Route 7, Crown City, avoided a trial and lengthy court process by pleading guilty at his arraignment.

Young was charged with one count of felonious assault that was amended Wednesday to attempt to commit felonious assault and one count of misdemeanor criminal damaging. Cooper sentenced him to one year in prison.

Ian T. Edens, 20, of 1010 S. Ninth St., Ironton, was arraigned on two counts of trafficking in drugs.

Edens pleaded not guilty through his attorney, Warren Morford. Cooper set bond at $50,000 cash or surety and scheduled a March 25 pretrial conference.