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Probation violators among those appearing in court

Two people accused of violating their probation, or community controlled sanctions, were among those making appearances Wednesday in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court.

Glendel R. Johnson Jr., first admitted at his arraignment he violated his probation but then changed his mind and denied it.

Johnson, 29, of 188 Township Road 203 W, Ironton, is accused of not reporting to his probation officer in three years.

When he first indicated he would admit his violation, his attorney, Mike Davenport, asked if Johnson could have a brief furlough before being sent to prison so he could make arrangements for his girlfriend and their child.

“He has indicated to me his going to prison will leave his girlfriend with no place to live and no car,” Davenport said.

But Assistant Lawrence County Prosecutor Bob Anderson argued against the idea.

“He’s had a three-year hiatus of not reporting,” Anderson said.

Judge D. Scott Bowling denied the furlough request and Johnson then opted to withdraw his admission and face a probation violation trial this week.

Annie-Laurie Adams, 26, of Ashland, Ky., admitted she violated her probation when she tested positive for several drugs, including cocaine, oxycodone and benzodiazepines.

Bowling sentenced her to 11 months in prison but if she stays out of trouble, Adams could be eligible for judicial release to STAR Community Justice Center after three months. Adams asked for a brief furlough to get her affairs in order. She also admitted she had a drug problem.

“I need help with drugs,” she told Bowling. “Now I’ve had some clean time (in jail). It ain’t enough. But I want help. That’s what I want.”

Adams had pleaded guilty in March to misuse of a credit card and was put on probation at that time.