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Police need helping hand

All citizens expect local law enforcement to offer a reasonable level of protection but basic common sense and community spirit may be the best frontline of defense.

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office is working to solve a rash of automobile break-ins in the eastern end of Lawrence County. This type of crime is also prevalent in the Ironton area and across the entire county.

The bottom line is that citizens need to do their part to make sure easy opportunities don’t present themselves to thieves.

Sheriff Jeff Lawless advised residents not to leave items of value in plain sight inside automobiles and also to always keep doors locked.

This is sound advice, and advice that should apply to your home as well. But this is also information that everyone knows, but may take for granted.

Taking these basic steps to eliminate easy opportunities for thieves should go a long way toward making sure you aren’t an easy target.

The second aspect is that each and every person should do his or her part to keep an eye on their own property as well as that of the neighbors.

Neighborhood Watch systems have proven to be effective and will send criminals looking for more opportunistic targets.

Lawrence County’s law enforcement agencies need to do their part but all our county’s citizens working together can add more than 62,000 badges to the police force.