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Probation violations dominate court

Getting into more trouble while on probation will get you prison time, some area residents learned Wednesday during hearings in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court.

Cynthia Rickman, 34, of 110 Park Ave., South Point, admitted she violated her probation, also known as community controlled sanctions by not taking prescribed medication and by being convicted of another crime.

Rickman was on probation for an earlier drug conviction.

Assistant Lawrence County Prosecutor Jeff Smith said she had violated her probation once before and he was not inclined to give her another chance.

“She spent a few months in prison and we let her out. We’ve exhausted all other means (of helping her),” Smith said.

Rickman’s attorney, David Reid Dillon, asked for a brief furlough before Rickman is sent away. He said her grandmother is ill and Rickman wants to see her.

“She realizes she doesn’t deserve this but she is close to her grandmother,” Dillon said. “She wants to continue to have her support.”

“I hope you make good use of your time while you’re incarcerated,” Judge D. Scott Bowling told Rickman. “They’ve got some good programs and hopefully you will spend your time making good use of those programs.”

Bowling denied her request for a furlough based on her “multiple violations.”

Amanda Thompson, 28, of Huntington, W.Va., admitted she violated her probation by not completing a rehabilitation program at the STAR Community Justice Center and not obeying the rules while she was there. She was on probation for earlier theft, attempt to commit robbery and assault convictions.

Judge Charles Cooper sentenced her to 18 months in prison but said after a year she may be eligible for judicial release if she goes to a six-month treatment program.

Glendel R. Johnson, Jr., 29, of 188 Township Road 203W, Ironton, admitted he violated his probation by not reporting to his probation officer for three years.

Bowling sentenced him to prison for eight months. Johnson was on probation for an earlier theft conviction.

John W. Moore, 25, of 8130 County Road 1, South Point, admitted he violated his probation twice. Bowling sentenced him to the 30 days already spent in jail but warned him another trip to court would mean a trip to prison.