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Bus headlights, potholes need to be addressed now

Some county schools acquired new buses last year for their school systems. The headlights are not adjusted properly.

On “dim” they will still blind you when meeting them, especially in the early morning when it is still dark. The older buses are OK.

I was hoping by now the folks that keep up the maintenance on them would have taken care of it by now, but no. I didn’t know who to contact, so I am handling it this way.

Please adjust them downward so they will not blind oncoming traffic.

Secondly, County Road 4 has deep, large potholes. If you hit them, they can bend a rim, or worse throw you off the road.

Please folks, attend to them, even if it is temporary, before you are asked to repair people’s vehicles, or worse, someone gets hurt, or even worse.

Richard Martin, Pedro