Obama faces giant hurdles

Published 10:37 am Friday, April 24, 2009

President Barack Obama may swing and miss but he is at least swinging for the fences when it comes to some key issues facing our nation, many of which are problems that have been considered too daunting or too political to be corrected.

As the president approaches his 100-day mark on April 29, it is interesting to look back at his first few months as our nation’s leader during an almost unprecedented economic crisis.

Despite what some closed-minded critics will say, the focus on what the president has been doing really isn’t about being a Republican or a Democrat. It isn’t about being a conservative or a liberal. It isn’t about being rich or poor.

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Obama has attempted to tackle some massive issues that have long plagued our country. And while not everyone agrees on the solutions, it is hard to argue that these are some of the key problems facing our society.

He has addressed the human rights violations supported by our government by closing down Guantanamo prison. He approved a $787 billion economic stimulus plan that many economic experts believe will inject some life into a sluggish economy.

Obama has also begun to face the hurdles of helping many struggling banks survive and removing the U.S. presence in Iraq while strengthening our efforts in Afghanistan.

The president has also taken some preliminary steps toward overseeing health care reform, increasing college affordability and pushing for tighter restrictions on environmental pollution.

All these are massive undertakings for an entire four-year term more less the first 100 days.

Whether you agree with him or not, no one can fault the president for not living up to his promises of tackling the nation’s biggest problems.