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‘Double dipping’ stifles future of county’s youth

In response to Paul Sites’ “double dipping” letter, I certainly agree with welfare recipients — and I include SSI recipients as well — as being continual dippers.

However, going to the bank and making a withdrawal while working is certainly not “double dipping.”

You say an employer reemploying a retiree is acceptable, maybe so. However if an individual is ready to retire then do so.

Otherwise continue working for your current wages. Do not retire then obtain the same job because that is where “double dipping” exists. You are drawing a retirement and wages for the same position.

You also refer to 40 years of investments. Yes, those investments were for “retirement.”

It is time to allow a young person who is fresh out of school, and instead of having 40 years of investments, has large student loans to repay, which they do not have the ability to pay because of “double dippers.”

How do you expect young college graduates to get a job and begin student loan repayment, as well as begin their path to 40 years of investing, when “double dippers” take all the jobs?

Young college grads that are searching for jobs and struggling with student loan payments do not have the luxury of your inaccurate definition of “double dipping.”

They cannot go to the bank and withdrawal money because they have no job, just bills, incurred while getting an education with the hopes of obtaining a job, which leaves them no money in the bank for withdrawal.

So in short please do not try to justify, or make excuses for “double dipping.” It is wrong.

Therefore when you retire do just that, retire, and make room for the younger generation.

Drew Artis