It isn’t torture for leaders to protect America

Published 10:10 am Thursday, May 21, 2009

A recent letter to the newspaper started out by asking all the “anti-abortionists” out there just what they thought of the “torture” that the previous administration had sanctioned. It went on to deride those tactics.

Under no case should torture in this country be condoned, but the writer’s accusations need to be addressed.

First, let us look more closely at the torture allegations (water boarding).

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The scenario was shortly after 9/11, when thousands of Americans were senselessly killed by a terrorist plot. The purpose was to prevent such an atrocity from ever happening again.

The scope, as reported by the media, was a total of three avowed terrorists subjected to this procedure.

The “torture,” reportedly was to give a sensation of drowning to these suspects, to scare them into giving up information that would protect this country from further terrorism.

Were any of these three suspects ever harmed (as opposed to the beheading of Americans which were videotaped by the terrorists)? Never has evidence been presented showing any physical harm to these prisoners, who have publicly announced their intention of destroying our country.

Were they made afraid? Are we being “tortured” if we are made afraid?

Now to address the other side of the coin. The courts of our land have upheld that if an unborn child is killed during the commission of a crime that it is considered murder.

Over and over, documentaries and videos have confirmed that this child in the womb displays the same feelings and characteristics as you and I; as a human being not yet born.

And yet, though the latest polls show that the majority of Americans oppose abortion, our leaders continue to legalize the destruction of our future generations.

Please ask yourself this — which is worse, sir? Making an avowed terrorist be afraid because it is illegal, or taking the life of an unborn child because it is legal?

As we approach this Memorial Day and honor those who have served — and in many cases laid down their lives for — our country, let us consider whether these brave men and women gave their all for our lives, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, or for a society of death, destruction and political correctness.

May God bring our great nation back to the point where He can bless her again!

Don Webb, Coal Grove