‘Idiot’s guide to torture tactics’ requires response

Published 10:53 pm Saturday, May 30, 2009

As most combat veterans, I am not much on speaking out. Talk is cheap especially when it is coming from some girly man who hasn’t faced the white elephant. Most veterans keep their mouth shut and let their past actions speak for themselves.

But, back to “the idiot’s guide.” What qualifies someone to lecture us on a subject they know nothing about? How does being a reporter, commentator, congressman or even president, democrat or republican, qualify you to speak to this issue? And especially how does being an educator at Ohio University Southern or any other institution of ivy covered halls make one an expert on torture or any other aspect of war?

You should notice that those of us who have experienced “enhanced interrogation techniques” on either side or both sides of the equation don’t have much to say because it should not be openly discussed.

That’s how you know it is all political because it’s being openly discussed by the “experts” who won’t have to pay the price of their political correctness on the battlefield.

Even among this group of truly experienced experts you will find varying opinions as to where interrogation becomes torture. John McCain has stated that water boarding is torture and yet thousands of us have gone through it and do not agree. We would not disparage McCain’s opinion or any other special ops vet that holds that opinion, but our opposing opinion is just as valid as theirs.

But, back to “the idiot’s guide.” Step One: Dehumanize the enemy: Animals that behead people on TV and strap explosives to 11 year olds and detonate it are less than human. How can you argue that? But we are not animals, so “real torture” is not an option.

Step Two: Legal cover of redefining language: All this legal talk only applies if water boarding and any other “techniques” being used are torture. In the opinion of many in the “truly experienced community,” it is not torture.

How many detainees died as a result of enhanced tactics? Show me the scars, the medical records. Sounds like a John Kerry lie to me.

The torture discussion is entirely political. And how can an ideology that supports pinching the heads off babies in the womb even question torture? Have you seen “The Silent Scream?”

Step Three: War is hell. “You enjoy the freedom I provide and dare to question the manner in which I provide it?”

Step Four: Yes, and that is as bad as claiming failure and illegality then using security to not release the memos that prove the results. Think about it, if those memos proved water boarding did not reveal the pending LA strike and the Brooklyn Bridge plot they would have been released with the memos that substantiated the use of water boarding.

Step Five: Claim success but hide behind the need for security: Need I say more than “Nancy Pelosi,” an embarrassment to us all.

Step Six: No one pays attention to the real lies and crimes because of fabricated issues like this that are eating up the air waves rather than convicting those responsible for the housing and credit crimes.

Let’s talk about Freddy Mac, Fannie Mae and Barney Frank, the collapse of Social Security, our southern border, earmarks, lobbyists, health care, the education system, executive compensation and spending more money in 100 days than in 233 years.

Jim Shay

Capt. USAF (RET)

South Point