Tom Wilcox will return to Ohio

Published 10:24 am Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thomas Wilcox will return to Ohio.

Wilcox appeared before an extradition hearing Monday morning and his extradition was waived, meaning he will not face charges in Kentucky. The Kentucky District Court has given Ohio 10 days to retrieve him.

“We will, within 10 days, go down to retrieve him and bring him back on our warrants,” said Sheriff Jeff Lawless.

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The next step in the case is for the prosecutors to present the case before a grand jury to get an indictment. Lawless said this could happen as soon as this week. He will face charges regarding the alleged assault of his estranged wife and the arson of her residence.

There is still some concern over the medical condition of Wilcox and whether he will be able to stay in the county’s jail. If his injuries are too severe, he will be taken to a jail with the facilities for his medical needs, Lawless said.

However, Lawless said that due to the county jail’s previous experience with injured inmates, Wilcox will likely be able to stay in Ironton.

A request was faxed to Kentucky District Court for an update on his present medical condition.