Working man cannot cover wasteful spending

Published 10:19 am Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A letter in the newspaper stated that we are behind the world in health care. If we are so far behind the world, then why are those who can’t get the treatment where they live paying to come to America for the treatment?

Also, just when did a person get turned away from a hospital when they needed treatment?

To have universal health care someone has to pay the cost of that health care. Just who can do that since we are still losing hundreds of thousands of jobs a month?

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It is easy to say we need universal health care but the only one who pays taxes is the working man and his money will not pay enough to cover the wasteful spending that is now going on in Washington.

The deficit for 2009 will be more than $2 trillion and that is not including universal health care or any other program.

Our country is on the verge of bankruptcy itself. If we don’t get more jobs we will be in worse shape. The deficit was figured with no more loss of jobs.

However, with every job lost more money to the federal government is lost, just adding to the shortfall that we already have.

Please tell me how we will pay our debt with all the job losses that we now have and what will happen when China says they will no longer buy our debt because we can’t pay them now what we owe.

What will we do then?

If you look at history, when a country goes into this much debt, inflation will rise to the point that it will take $10 to buy a loaf of bread.

We need to stop printing money and cut the wasteful spending that is going on. We need to do this now not later. Then, and only then, when this country gets back on its feet, should we consider taking on another trillion dollar project.

Yes, call the president and tell him to stop wasteful spending now.

Homer Campbell