Published 1:00 pm Monday, June 15, 2009

— Betty J. Miller to George and Carolyn Auxier, Rome Township, $180,000.

— Jerry L. and Lynn Adkins to Robert and Sherrie Barrett, Rome Township, $160,000.

— Nancy C. Moore and Bonita Jenkins to Glen and Mary Hughes, city of Ironton, $8,000.

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— Dorothy M. Simmons to Larry and Megan Hamlin, Union Township, $1,000.

— Anna Rose and Leon McNeill Jr. to Paul and Anessa Sparling, Perry Township, $16,500.

— Charles E. and Raye E. Maddy to Bank of New York, Upper Township, $60,000.

— Jami S. Matney to Mickey and Tina Clark, city of Ironton, $12,000.

— Dr. Matthew F. Lee to Ayman Elkadry, Rome Township, $311,000.

— Kenneth and Linda Stapleton to Keri and Tobey McLean, Fayette Township, $255,000.

— Michael Horan, et al, to Louis and Sandy Webb, Lawrence Township, $17,600.

— HSBC to Henry Cooke, Fayette Township, $31,050.

— Alonzo and Rosemary Beair to Steven and Donna Hankins, city of Ironton, $55,000.

— David and Linda Lester to James M. Lester, village of South Point, $183,000.

— George and Phyllis Kelley to Thomas and Kimberly Howard, Upper Township, $5,000.

— George and Phyllis Kelley to Thomas and Kimberly Howard, Upper Township, $5,000.

— Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Matthew C. Adkins, Perry Township, $50,000.

— Park Avenue Development to Randy and Kathy Kelley, city of Ironton, $123,900.

— John D. and Jeanne M. Fredrick to Douglas Shilot, Fayette Township, $265,000.

— Earl Booth to Mike Finley, village of South Point, $32,200.

— American General Finance to Brent E. Thompson, city of Ironton, $15,000.

— Charles Sexton to Danita and Joshua Davidson, Elizabeth Township, $12,000.

— Robert Andrew Lovejoy to Shawn and Nicole Powell, village of South Point, $122,000.

— Mary E. Brice to Deutche Bank National Trust, city of Ironton, $46,455

— Caroll Lewis to Riley Tyrone and Patricia Jenkins, Windsor Township, $24,000.

— Joan Bradford, et al, to Benjamin and Melanie Mullins, Elizabeth Township, $64,000.

— National City Bank to Kondaur Capital Corp., Hamilton Township, $30,000.

— Kondaur Capital Corp. to Robert and Martha Polacik, Hamilton Township, $30,000.

— Rav Enterprises to Kentucky Heart and Vascular Physicians Inc., city of Ironton, $240,000.

— Gary Ferguson to Tracy Graybeal, village of Proctorville, $5,000.

— City National Bank to Ethel Stafford, city of Ironton, $39,900.