Who will Dems blame for Obama’s mistakes?

Published 9:50 am Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have read with interest Mr. Jim Crawford’s comments about how the disgruntled Republicans are whining about President Obama and just what he is doing to our country by trying to make it a socialistic country.

Well, when he does accomplish this and we are sunk, then just who will you blame? No, it’s not Bush who is doing this.

His plan to handle terrorists like American citizens is so outside of the law that it is funny and will, in the long run, cause many more deaths to American soldiers.

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His plan to make health care like other countries is also a sham. His promise for restraint and line-item vetoes on pork projects hasn’t happened. His budget that he sent to Congress is the largest of any president, even when we were fighting World War II on two continents.

This also you can’t blame on Mr. Bush. So just why are the Republicans or others who oppose what he is doing blind? When you wake up you will see what he has done to our country, instead of listening to a good orator (with a teleprompter) which without one he can’t answer a sensible question. Don’t laugh just watch his eyes, he looks to the right and left to read what they tell him to say.

Homer Campbell