Marching in historic parade lifts vet’s spirits

Published 9:54 am Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thanks from me and my dad, Col. John Lowell Gornall, for the opportunity to march in the Memorial Day Parade as Honorary Grand Marshall.

Dad is 87 and recently has been pretty well beat down physically from trying to help care for his elder brother and sister. Marching in the parade really picked up his spirits.

Some of you may have noticed that dad rode in the golf cart at the beginning but after a few blocks got out and walked. After a shaky start, he drew himself erect and stepped out for the remainder of the parade.

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People lining the parade route cheered him on and he exchanged salutes with veterans attending the parade as he passed. He especially enjoyed the little kids waving American flags.

All in all, it was a great opportunity for him to stay connected with his home and his people.

My dad greatly appreciated this and was humbled by the opportunity. Dad said he was marching for all those who served and didn’t make it home.

Thank you very much from a proud son.

John L. Gornall, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.