Good citizens need honored

Published 10:12 am Thursday, June 25, 2009

Doris Roberts didn’t step up and take a leadership role in her community to garner any awards.

But that is exactly why she deserved to be the Ironton Senior Center’s “Senior Citizen of the Year.”

People like Roberts deserve to be recognized for getting involved and making a difference because far too many people simply sit on the sidelines and talk about what they would do. But they never do it.

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Although we aren’t fortunate enough to know Doris Roberts personally, it is clear that the way her peers feel about her is testimony to her character.

It is the most deserving citizens who shy away from any publicity, deflect praise to others and never take a moment for recognition of their own.

And that is exactly what makes these men and women so deserving of any honors they would receive.

Lawrence County has many citizens who quietly work to make our communities, our lives — better. Unfortunately, they don’t get enough praise and recognition.

Each year, The Tribune recognizes its Citizen of the Year in February along with a few dozen “Unsung Heroes.”

But this newspaper would like to do more.

We challenge civic organizations, church groups and other groups to come up with ways to recognize your members, your employees or your fellow Lawrence Countians.

Find someone who goes above and beyond whenever a need arises. Try to make this a recurring honor.

Then, submit the information to The Tribune and we will publish this as a way to showcase some of the positive things going on in our communities.

These deserving individuals won’t seek recognition for their work but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it.