City says worm not in water supply; safe to drink

Published 9:45 am Tuesday, July 7, 2009

City officials said Monday they are investigating a claim by a city woman that she found a worm in her drinking water.

Ironton Superintendent of Water Mark White said Monday the bacteria tests are being performed on the city’s water supply. A chlorine test performed Monday showed the chlorine level at 1.0 — above the state standards and above the level that would be hospitable for worms or other such critters to live.

“It’s highly unlikely that a worm or anything can live in a chlorine residual of 1.0,” White said. “We want to assure the public the water is safe to drink. We serve 4,850 residents and businesses.”

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White said he found out about the alleged worm in the water when he saw the story on the Website of a local television station.