Published 9:56 am Monday, July 20, 2009

—Gary and Jocelyn Fulton to Dana and Carol Gillispie, Union Township, $25,000.

—Margaret Evans to Rebecca Bumgarner, Fayette Township, $8,000.

— Kathryn Kilgore to Stacy Roach and Melva Justice, Rome Township, $175,000.

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— Federal Home Loan Mortgage Assn. to Robert Cleary and Cheryl Cleary, city of Ironton, $32,000.

— William Kinney Jr., to Joe Elswick, city of Ironton $5,000.

— Patrick Lewis to David A. King, Union Township, $3,000.

— Christopher and Thomasina Majher to Larry and Madonna Jackson, village of South Point, $197,500.

— Paul and Cherie Schwartz to Scott W. Malone, Aid Township, $14,000

— Jared Fox and Jessica Fox to James Bevins, Union Township, $7,000.

— William King and Carolyn King to Jeremy and Sarah Fuller, Rome Township, $227,000.

— Joyce Lester to Bonnie Kelley and Janet Wooten, village of South Point, $13,000.

— D. Mark Justice to Beneficial Ohio, Rome Township, $90,000.

— Carol Jean Huff and Clarence Huff to Connie Sue Franklin, Perry Township, $1,000.

— Calvin Lee and Betty Payne to Jerry and Harlene Rogers, Aid Township, $15,000.

— Jonathan Newman and Shawna Newman to Mark E. Hupp and Kimberly Hupp, Union Township, $25,000.

— Frances Britton, executor, to Shea Berry, Rome Township, $60,000.

— Bobby and Roberta Estep to Shane Michael and Tina Brewer, village of Chesapeake, $59,900.

— Freddie Hayes to Mark and Geneva Pemberton, Union Township, $17,500.

— Robert Joseph and Judy Ann Damron to Heath and Sabrina Harber, Rome Township, $156,500.

— Preston Development LLC to Donald Litton, Upper Township, $16,000.

— Gary Williams and Curtis Williams to Charles Diamond and Martha Diamond, Fayette Township, $17,500.

— Bank of New York to John and Christie Boston, village of South Point, $50,100.

— Randal Dunkle to Ethel Talentinow, Fayette Township, $1,500.

— Patty A. Duke to Donald J. Peck, Union Township, $6,000.

— Lawrence County Sheriff to Gary Massie, Elizabeth Township, $35,000.

— Donald Ray Fitzpatrick to Thomas Brooks, Perry Township, $15,000.

— Donald Ray Fitzpatrick Sr. to Donald Ray Fitzpatrick Jr., village of South Point,$118,579.07.

— Donald Ray Fitzpatrick Sr., to Kevin Fitzpatrick, village of South Point, $50,038.03.

— David Lee Langdon to Deutsche Bank National Trust, Union Township, $41,000.

—Dana Adkins, et al, to Family First Marketing, Fayette Township, $50,000.

—Korey Jones and Ashley Wall-Jones to Earl Kelley, Elizabeth Township, $8,900.

— James Pierce to Harry Tipton, Fayette Township, $10,000.

— Wyatt Bates and Patricia Pekar to Carolyn Ellis and Stacy Ellis, city of Ironton, $25,500.

— Ruth Rose and Greg Rose to David Willis, Union Township, $120,000.

— Michelle Allen to William and Deanna Crowe, city of Ironton, $10,500.

— The Williams Family Trust to Travis White, Perry Township, $32,000.

— Bonnie Kelley and Janet Wooten to Janet Lester, village of South Point, $27,500.

— William and Mary Ann McIntyre to David and Sherry Pelphrey, Rome Township, $175,000.

— Kenneth Justice and Gail Justice to Ron Rowsey, Windsor Township, $2,000.

— William Hood to Jonathan Fuhr, Lawrence Township, $65,000.