America needs immediate action on health care

Published 11:00 pm Saturday, July 25, 2009

Health care reform is on the shelf until after our elected representatives vacation. Pain and suffering take no vacations.

We are in the middle of a real crisis, a meltdown of sorts for millions of Americans who have no medical coverage, are going bankrupt with medical debt or who are under insured.

Our representatives by now must hear and feel the urgency of their people. If polls don’t tell them, if the President can’t get through to them, if phone calls, faxes and letters do no good, what will?

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Must we march on Washington? Will we march on Washington? Can America muster the strength to demand real change out of our representatives?

Lip service is all they seem to give us. Action is what we need. If they can throw all that money at Wall Street and into the war machine for two horrid wars, then surely they can find a way to come up with enough money to start saving American people with medical coverage.

We should not let them sweep this under the rug again, nor should we allow them to give us a token Band Aid solution.

A month long vacation? Aren’t we paying for that? If we own this democracy, I think our employees are taking advantage of us.

Patricia Littlejohn, Kitts Hill