City must honor arbitrator ruling in Beth Rist case

Published 10:11 am Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I don’t understand why there was a state arbitrator brought in to settle the dispute over Beth Rist if the city wasn’t going to listen.

I suppose if the arbitrator would have said that Beth should not have her job back the city would have listened. What is the city saying about the state?

Do the people in charge in Ironton feel that they are above state arbitration, and if so, where is the justice for not just Beth, but all citizens of Ironton?

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If Beth does not get her job back after all she has been through, then I would suggest a full investigation into the entire police department and also find out who asked people to lie on the witness stand against Beth.

Why were these people believed when they were lying against Beth but not believed when they told the truth?

I seriously do not know how some of the “leaders” in Ironton can sleep at night knowing that they have a part in taking everything away from a person that would risk her life for them in a second in the line of duty.

Lisa Smith, South Point