Sewer problem makes Ironton less marketable

Published 10:13 am Wednesday, August 5, 2009

As of Saturday, Aug. 1, I am cleaning my basement out for the fifth time in six weeks. I have received no help from insurance or the city for this disaster.

I have talked with many people and my neighbors have suffered even worse losses then me. I can understand maybe one or two times but five times in a six-week period is ridiculous.

The city needs to ask the contractors at the new high school and the demolition of the Ironton General Hospital if they complied with EPA or had the right inspections. Could this have contributed or caused this problem with the city of Ironton’s drainage? We, as city residents, cherish our homes and property. I am not attacking anyone personally.

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The mayor was out in the rain last week which I appreciate that effort.

However, we as residents do not want this swept under a rug if someone is at fault for such negligence. The stench, bacteria and also our property and infrastructure is dwindling.

We need this problem resolved because this discourages people wanting to live in Ironton.

Brian Kelley, Ironton